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I switch between this and the DB-Goddess to keep my brain functioning at a high capacity. Keeps me more awake and focused!

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I have had menstrual issues since I was a teenager. Bad cramping, mood swings, etc. Since taking this I have noticed a huge change in how my cycle affects me.

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Getting my post-workout in after EVERY single workout to make sure I speed up recovery!

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Opti-Kids Greens

I have a bad reaction to something that is in the regular Opti-Greens, so I am a child and take the Kids version! Tastes chocolate-y delicious!

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I started taking this additional Fish oil to help with my weight loss on 75 Hard. 

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I suffer from Migraines, especially during my cycle, I have taken this with my ibuprofen regimen to help with alleviating them.

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I do my best to eat all my fruits and veggies, but I know that I am not getting all of the nutrients my body needs while working out at the caliber that I have been. I reach for Microfactor to keep my system in peak condition.


I know that I don't eat nearly enough Omega-3's and fatty acids- why? because fish I like is dang expensive! So I supplement daily! Helps my inflammation also!

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Some days its just harder to get your protein in. Perfect for those days that you are on the go!

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Level-1 Bars

Literally keep an extra in my car and purse at all times! Just so I'm not tempted with an unhealthy fast choice.

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I take this on the daily to help with my hair, skin, nails, joint, pretty much everything in my body!

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